Who Are We

Recently, innovations related to AI have started to come one after another in the world. So, you may be thinking, how should we keep ourselves safe when there is so much data? Mydetectai.com, tells you whether a product is made by artificial intelligence or by human hands. keeps you safe.

How It Works

mydetectai is very simple to use, so it is a successful detection platform used by users.

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Upload the file and wait for the result. You can use mydetectai simply with these 3 steps.

equipment : mydetectai currently only provides video detection services. It searches the video you uploaded among all data and tells you whether it was made with AI or not, Videos below 50 percent will be shown as real, videos made with AI above 50 percent will be shown as AI.
The videos you upload are safe with us.

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Footter Ai detector

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